News from Long Beach September 2020

Long Beach has to be one of the most beautiful destinations in California!

There is quite a lot of news being shared online and here is our breakdown for you to keep you in the loop. Check out these posts below…

The Mom’s Guide to Long Beach

As traveling parents like me creep back out on the road with our kids in 2020, our priorities are worlds away from what they were when we were planning trips in 2019. Why? Because the pandemic isn’t over, folks. The only reason travel is even at all feasible right now is just how many huge accommodations hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses have begun making to ensure safety, cleanliness and social distancing. And the little laid-back city of Long Beach, CA — 30 minutes from Los Angeles on a good day and with a population the size of Kansas City — is among the best of them.

After all, many of us are still uncomfortable with the idea of flying mid-pandemic, especially with kids in tow. That’s why, as we mentioned when re-launching our Mom Voyage series with The Mom’s Guide to the Hudson Valley this summer, we’re focusing on drivable destinations for the moment — ones with plenty of outdoor options that allow folks to keep their distance while still enjoying local food, drinks and in the case of Long Beach, sand and surf. Although hey, if you do choose to fly, Long Beach Airport now has dedicated staff disinfecting the space on an hourly basis.



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Summertime in the LBC

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Police search for a possible gunman at Pike Outlets

Long Beach police closed much of the area surrounding the Pike Outlets in search of a person who possibly fired a gun into the air. No gunshot victims were reported, police said.

The incident occurred just before 6 p.m. Saturday at 151 Pine Ave. Police said officers were dispatched to the Pike Outlets to disperse a group of people that gathered in the area.

A large fight broke out outside of a business near Bay Street and Aquarium Way, and a person was pistol-whipped during the altercation, according to LBPD spokesman Rudy Garcia. Police said the victim and the suspect fled the scene before officers arrived.


Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia’s Sept. 19 update on coronavirus outbreak

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia released this message on Saturday, Sept. 19, his weekly update on the city’s status amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

We have now been living with the coronavirus pandemic for more than half of a year, and I continue to be proud of the response of Long Beach.

We have without a doubt made smart science-based decisions, we’ve prioritized public health and we’ve adopted policies and provided resources to support people struggling economically. The people of Long Beach have stepped up and for the most part stayed home, practiced physical distancing and made good efforts to keep each other safe.

The result is we’ve seen numbers decline, and we’ve kept our case and hospitalization rates lower than the big hotspots around the country.

That’s good news, but we have to remember this is still a very serious situation and far from over. The only reason we are keeping our numbers as low as they are—and I can’t emphasize this enough—is we are staying home, wearing face coverings and avoiding contact with people outside our households. If we stop these important practices, public health experts predict we will see a dramatic increase as we did twice before—once, before we began the Safer at Home orders; and the second time, when we relaxed them prematurely nationwide.


Long Beach police make 12 arrests in party shooting that killed 3, injured 9

Long Beach police have arrested 12 alleged gang members on suspicion of being tied to last year’s Halloween party shooting that targeted the wrong people and left three dead and nine injured in the Rose Park neighborhood, officials said Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The eight accused by police of being in an alley behind the house that night were arrested and charged with murder and could each face the death penalty, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Two of the 12 were already in custody on unrelated charges, Long Beach police Chief Robert Luna said at a virtual press conference.

Three of those arrested are accused of opening fire.

“This was a pre-planned attack on what the suspects incorrectly believed to be a party of rival gang members,” Luna said. “And I want to clarify that none of the victims at that party were gang members.”