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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have Laser Hair Removal treatment?

We can treat Women and Men of all ages. Children under 18 will require the presence of a parent on the first laser consultation or signed written consent from a parent. Laser Hair Clinic laser therapists do sometimes need to refer clients to their General Medical Practitioner for assessment and when in doubt will not treat until a Medical Clearance is provided.

What precautions should I take before or after my treatment?

Unlike waxing, there is no need for long hair.  Hair must be short for your laser treatment, about 2-3 days hair growth, 3mm max. Shave or trim the hair before your laser hair removal treatment.

Shorter hair ensures the laser treatment is more comfortable for you and allows the laser energy to travel down to the follicle faster. Avoid sun exposure or solarium on the area for 2 to 3 weeks before laser treatments, and 1 to 2 weeks after laser treatments.  You can use Spray Tan 24 hours after the laser treatment. We recommend wearing a 30+ SPF sunscreen even for casual (routine) exposure to the sun.

What will my skin look like after treatment?

Most reactions to the treatment, such as redness and swelling, will disappear in most cases in a very short time. Sometimes very small scabbing can occur at the opening of the follicle.

After your initial consultation, we will also provide you with an aftercare brochure and set out additional aftercare options for you. 

How often do I need to get Laser Hair Removal?

Depending on your hair and skin type and the area being treated, you will usually require treatments at 4-6 week intervals. Each part of the body has a different hair growth cycle, so the hair loss will vary depending on what phase your follicles are in at the time of treatment. However, at least 10 treatments are required for a permanent result.

How long does it take?

Depending on your Laser Hair Removal treatment it can take anywhere between  15 min – 1 hour, your initial laser hair removal consultation may take slightly longer as we assess your needs, and expectations as well as your hair and skin type and determine a laser treatment regime that suits you.

Every Laser Hair Removal treatment, like every client, is unique.  Individual laser treatments vary according to the skin and hair colour, the lighter your skin and darker your hair, the better the results to be expected.

How do I manage my unwanted hair between treatments?

There are many options available for keeping unwanted hair under control between treatments. It is important, however, that the hair is allowed to grow to at least 3mm in length immediately before your next treatment.

To manage hair in between appointments, simple options include bleaching and trimming. Avoid plucking, waxing or any method that removes the hair below the surface of the skin unless you are having an extensive break between treatments. Depilatory creams should only be used in moderation if at all as they weaken the hair shaft and break it below the surface of the skin. Remember too that some non-permanent hair removal methods such as laser can actually aggravate hair growth and we advise not to use them in conjunction with the Permanence Method.

Can you remove hair from my tattoo?

Yes, hair removal by laser is one of the few methods that can safely be used on tattoos and will not affect the ink in the design.

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

Permanent hair reduction is assured. Clients can achieve anywhere from 80% to 90% hair reduction. These results will be influenced by certain conditions such as skin, hair colour and hormones. We advise 2 to 3 Maintenance laser visits a year. As with all Laser therapy treatments, the frequency and number of treatments will depend on your skin type, the area affected and the size of that area.

Individual laser treatments vary according to skin and hair colour. The lighter your skin and darker your hair, the better the results to be expected. 

What happens during the actual treatment?

You will be shown to a private laser hair removal treatment room and allowed time to undress to allow access to the body area being treated. After allowing time to undress (if necessary for treatment), your laser therapist will return knocking on the door before entering. The laser therapist will always explain what is happening and what they are going to do during your laser hair removal procedure. Together with your laser therapist, you will wear safety glasses to protect your eyes during the procedure. The laser therapist will use a small handpiece that touches your skin to deliver the laser pulse.

You may feel a light spray of coolant on your skin before each laser pulse. We cover an 18mm (20c coin) area per laser shot per second. Lasers work by delivering an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the skin. This light is converted to heat and is absorbed by the cells being targeted while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. It is important to understand that hair in the active growth phase are most affected by treatments as the hair contains optimum levels of melanin, which is directly targeted by the laser.

Can you remove hair from my mole?

Yes, hair removal by laser is safe to use on moles but you will need a letter from your doctor stating the mole in question is safe to be treated. A potential side effect of removing these hairs is a flattening of the mole and lightening of its colour.

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