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Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair from the face and body and is one of the most effective ways to reduce hair permanently. That means no more painful waxing treatments, messy hair removal creams, or last-minute shaving when you want to look your best!

If you’re looking laser hair removal clinics near you, we offer the best laser hair removal in the USA. It’s a fast and safe way of reducing hair growth which has proven clinical results.

We understand that excess, unwanted body hair or facial hair can cause serious difficulty. Shaving, waxing, threading and plucking can take a lot of time and cost a lot not always give the results you deserve. For men whose careers are aesthetic-dependent such as modelling & bodybuilding, our laser hair removal clinics & spas can be a long-term solution to having hair-free and smooth. For women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, having excess hair due to hormonal imbalances can often lead to depression.

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“I booked laser hair removal treatments after I was told there was a special offer for 6 sessions on the body. I was a bit apprehensive at first as my hair was quite thick even after years of waxing. However, I have finished my six sessions and am happy to say that my hair has all gone! Even though there was a 4-month gap between the fourth and fifth session due to the lockdown which was not their fault, it has still been effective!

The beautician was very professional throughout and made me feel comfortable. The Spa was always clean and it was very easy to book the next appointment.

Would definitely recommend and it’s well worth the money as it’s a lot cheaper than other places”

“Went to the clinic for a consultation for laser hair removal and was informed that my hair was just a little too light for it to work well on her machine. I was then completely educated on which machine to make sure is used on me if I go elsewhere and even gave me some recommendations of other hair removal practitioners. Honestly cannot recommend this Spa enough, so many people would just want your money but instead, I was informed on what I should look out for. Clearly a true professional and always so friendly!”

“I’m using hair laser removal service with Laser Hair Clinic … results of my hair are perfectly good … I just did a few times and my hair grows back so slow and some spots don’t even grow back at all… and staffs are quite friendly and make you feel really comfortable during the process… I recommend everyone go and use service.”

“I have laser hair removal, fractional and needling done on my face at this clinic and I like all of the girls here. Its no-fuss (which I like), very efficient (which I really like) and very reasonably priced (which I love). Everyone is very professional and friendly and I always feel very looked after. I always ask for Kimberley because (well she’s my favourite) and she always helps get me through the treatments by talking me through what she will do and encouraging me that we are nearly finished. Results have been great too. Can’t wait to go back for more :-)”

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